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About Us

Bimulus provides Integrated Planning & Design [IDP], Integrated Digital Delivery [IDD], Virtual Design & Construction and Building Information Modelling [BIM] Consultancy services. Bimulus capitalises on IPD | IDD technologies to effectively develop and execute IPD | IDD's methodologies and applications for Built Environment Practitioners.

Whilst Bimulus, fundamental service is to provide Digital Solutioning to stakeholders, its' main mission is to help Organisations digitalise and approach its' methodologies in a painless and seamless manner. The solutions we provide will be simple and tailored to Organisations' needs, where we will deep dive into your daily workflows and issues to understand the painpoints. We know the fear when adopting new applications and strategies, and thus the user journey we design will be dedicated to help you take the giant leap with as little fear as possible. We hope opportunities would be given to us to walk this Adoption Journey with you.

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