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Dec 12, 2020

In June - Dec 2021, I was nominated as a Worldskills Shanghai [WSS] 2021, Expert for the Digital Construction Category, representing Singapore. During this time, all experts from the different countries' representatives, will meet bi-weekly to discuss how to craft competition questions and also share best BIM practices with each other. I had had the opportunity to share BIM Quality Assurance/ Model Checking with all the experts. I shared the differences between Autodesk Naviswork and Solibri Model Checker clash detection and rule based checking features.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid lockdown in China, WSS 2021 was eventually cancelled and postphoned, The Worldskills Competition were decentralised to different countries and Digital Construction Skills was moved to Bordeaux in 2022.

The sharing of this article is when I was a still a Senior Lecturer/ Consultant in 2021, for School of ABE/ Digital Building Innovation Centre [DBIC]. It was a real honour to be given the opportunity to organise a National BIM Competition and it was completed as a SP Team effort, when I was still under SP employment.

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