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Is BIM skill upgrading for everyone [part two]

Fast forward a few weeks into the course, I was pretty much grooved in. Lessons were toggled between lectures and lab classes, which is good, cause it breaks monotony. Some lectuerers teaches better than others, as they present their real life work experiences to the class. Some are more academic than others, whilst some had more work experiences. We had eight modules all togther and it seemed dauting at first, but as we proceed on, I realised some modules on average had five lessons or less, so it was not so bad for some [in particular to the BIM Introductory, BIP | BEP and FM modules] . Some modules such as the Design Coordination, Design Analysis and Construction Planning were much more intense than others, especially during Laboratory lessons.

20151125_Programme Highlights on Graduation Night

Strange Case of Teacher and Student

As a BIM teacher myself, I empathise with both the lecturers and students themselves, sometimes it is a struggle to troubleshoot errors committed by the students, as we had to figure out where did the steps go wrong, and in most times we are constantly under pressure as we have time constraint to teach finish a particular topic for the day or in this case for the night. Students on the other hand also faces the stress and this is to keep up with the lesson. The lost feeling is one of frustration and confusion, and sometimes I can't help, but feel sorry for my classmates because they were so lost that they lost their temper. Often I find myself coming home after class practicising what was taught earlier in the night, as I was unable to keep with the class. I had to rely on the notes taken down during laboratory time, and fortunately for me I was able to retrace the steps and achieve what is needed, but often this will last into the midnight, which sometimes affects my performance the next day at work. Whilst it was very exciting to learn new skills such as BIM management and software applications [REVIT Collaborate Tools, Naviswork Manage, Solibri and Costx], it did however came with some costs.

to be continued in part 3...

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